'Very Vera'


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Jun 24, 2008
...take a look on the QVC US site. Today's TVS is a bag called 'Very Vera'...
In the reviews someone suggests it as a gift for teachers! Well that would serve them right for expecting a pressie just for doing their job!

That last comment was a joke by the way, please let's not restart the "teachers' gifts discussion" that we have had previously.
I think we had one from Brentford nylons!!!! I must admit I was expecting a leopard print! Hope we don't get that range over here it really is horrid!
Vera Bradley stuff is HUUUGE in the states - we were there last month and it's everywhere and they all go nuts for it. Beats me why?????
Oh my - it looks like something Princess Diana carried in the 80's.

And that's where this one should stay!! Leggings are one thing - this is another!
They did try Vera Bradley over here a couple of years ago but it didn't take off at all. It's really popular in the States. You see them everywhere. The toiletry bags are quite nice.

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