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Jun 24, 2008
I treated myself to a Lola Rose necklace using the 3 easy pay birthday code QVC sent me.
Well the necklace arrived today in a right state,very badly chipped in 3 places.
I rang CS to complain,fair enough they say and will send pre pay blah blah etc.but as the item is now out of stock a refund will be processed.
So I tell them that I used the 3 easy pay voucher code and can I have that re-credited to my account for another purchase.....guess what NO, IT CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So they send a faulty item which they can't replace yet the customer suffers....great service eh??:11:
God so would i Mrs James too. The voucher is to be used against a purchase. The item is faulty and no more are in stock. Out of sheer goodwill the least they could do is offer you to use it on something else, how mean spirited of them !
Maybe the cs rep was a jobsworth. I would deffo ring them again and ask to speak to someone else and really go on and on about how mean spirited this is and that you will tell people on this site and never buy from them again as you think its disgusting and are very upset .
Let us know how you get on .
Yes, and I'd check that they don't still take the rest of your payments out, as that wouldn't surprise me. Mean spirited isn't the word!!!!!! They've got a lot to learn about customer service!
Yes, and I'd check that they don't still take the rest of your payments out, as that wouldn't surprise me. Mean spirited isn't the word!!!!!! They've got a lot to learn about customer service!

That happened once in the past to me, so I always check refunds carefully now.

I would try calling them again to get another CS rep to see what they say. I managed to get a tsv price on a replacement item which had been out of stock a while ago, so they do have the power to give offers.
argggggggggg how annoying BUT even more is that i stopped checking my payments YEARS ago., maybe all the easy pays ive used for items that i just cant live with out :1: i may have paid for them time & time again...MANY THANKS FOR THAT TIP even though it wasnt a direct one
Send them an irrate e-mail, it may get through to someone who has authority. I find it is hit and miss with customer services it so depends on who you speak to, but I wouldn't stand for that response.
I have emailed QVC but have also hand written and posted a letter of complaint to QVC complaints manager.
So we'll see...I don't have a lot of faith in e-mail!
Please don't let this go - don't stop until you reach Mr(s) QVC if necessary!

This shopping channel is far too big for its boots now!
This attitude doesn't surprise me. I ordered a Kipling bag from their 50% online sale. Was told it was on its way - then told it was out of stock and order was cancelled. I asked them to honour the reduction on this year's stock. They offered me 15% off.

Same thing happened with ebags (obviously wasn't meant to have this bag!). I again asked them to honour the reduction on new stock. They offered me free p&p and 10% off.

Both these companies could have let me have the extra discount and kept me a very happy customer. Instead, they have riled me and I'm seeing if I can get the bag cheaper elsewhere.

Ridiculous attitude, I think.
Well said ! I also think that people like Alison Young are snooty nosed cows and think we are well off and can afford to pay through the nose for face creams for brands we have never heard of like Stoke Park. Who has heard of Stoke Park before it came on unless they live in the South ? They have a viewing audience all over including Ireland and yet were flogging this stuff like it was gold dust and no ones heard of it so why would they pay that much for a face cream ?
I have gone off AY because of her attitude and she reminds me now of one of those ladies who dive and squirt you with perfume when your just looking in Selfidges, pushy !
Raise cain and don't take no for an answer! Also, this reminds me: in the past I ordered Lola Rose and the item was received damaged... I'm suspicious! I think they want to punt the silver and 9ct gold mainly and seek to deter you from this by sending you damaged Lola Rose. I'm and 18ct gold fan myself and, with the rare exception when you actually find a reasonably priced item that turns out to be ok - like stud earrings - the other 18ct gold stuff is too pricey and has crappy clasps or is poorly finished (like bracelets where the links have gaping seams rather than the seams being brought tightly together). Honora and Veronese have been great options for me.
Well I have just had a letter of apology.
CS have agreed that I was entirely correct and that as they sent a faulty item out to me the 3 easy pay option should have been voided on that item.

They have marked my account so that I can purchase any item I choose on the 3 easy pays!!

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