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Jun 24, 2008
On the phone/not the web!
....or should that be Nit :giggle:


Just what I needed, something else to get wrapped round the wheels of me scoot, and bring me to a sharp halt. Still, while I'm whizzing over the handlebars perhaps if I flapped hard enough I could fly? xxxxxxxx
What a useless garment? Won't keep you warm 'cos it looks paper thin, and doesn't have arms. Won't cover your arms, cos it's got no arms. Won't cover your arse cos it's paper thin. It wouldn't be so bad if it was pretty, and enhanced your look, but it's hideoulsy ugly. So You might as well drape an old pram blanket over your shoulders for what it's worth, or better still buy a nice little cardi! What a load of old sh*t!...said in Catherine Tate's "nan" voice!
That top they're trying to flog with it is awful too

I think if you told Sheeelur she looked like a pile of shi*e she'd reply "yessss...mmmm". She says it to everything :rolleyes:

Head of Fashion is Johnathon apparently, this may be him

Worst. Garment. Ever.

Hideous, disgusting, sh*te, and the guest could do with picking up her 'h's, you're on telly woman!!

Shouldn't that be Itsash*t, not Itsanit?

What will they think of next? Congrats Moira, not THE most hideous fashion item ever seen now!!
Yep, I think that's knocked Myra off top spot :smirk:

Made me laugh this morning when Joanne said you could tie it in the middle, like she'd got it, or you could tie it to the side. She did that and in a few seconds it was back where it started, in the middle again :giggle:

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