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Dec 13, 2008
I picked up on some tension between Claudia and Gianetta, especially when Gianetta said Claudia shouldn't wear the earing and necklace combo together. Claudia said "maybe you wouldn't wear them but I would. If I wore them you wouldn't tell me to take them off, well maybe you would." I sensed no warmth between them at all, a distinct chill in the air. Now, Gianetta and Charlie together, fantasic, very lighthearted with a lot of banter between them.
at some point G was quite abrupt and shouted at C something like "don't pull it down like that" referring to the necklace C was wearing and then actually rearranged it on C's neck. C looked embarrassed at that point. i think G was quite irritated with Anthony yesterday, too.
isn't it funny how different people read different thigns? See i watched that show and saw a different side. I could see they were good friends and also if you have seen them before, Ginetta talked about Claudias elegant style and they made lots of kind gestures together. I thought it was a lovely show (and I bought two lovely necklaces too) and that the two of them radiated lots of warmth together. Ginetta sounds abrupt because of her accent but i don't think she means it. Claudia looked lovely as ever and seemed to be really relaxed. If you hear ginetta lots, she just has an abrupt manner sometimes. Loving the range.
Actually I picked up on a bit of tension between them too. I didn't feel Claudia was enjoying the hour, hard as she was trying to make it look warm and relaxed. All very odd.
I didnt get the feeling of any tension between them either Ginette does sometimes come across as a bit moody but I think that is more a language thing like when she called the multi strand necklace "hairy" hope its not because I ordered one dont think I fancy a hairy necklace:52:

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