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I can't believe this.

TJC asked my bank for authorisation of £497.77 which was the full amount of a necklace and didn't take into account the ACTUAL price with the discount taken off.

They then claimed the correct amount of £445.77.

So what's the problem? The problem is that the authorisation remains active on your bank account for 3 working days - this means you can't use that money until the timeframe has expired because the Bank, in effect, allocate it to the vendor.

So, thanks to TJC they have tied up nearly £500 of MY MONEY that I can't use until tomorrow.


Had they asked for authorisation for the correct amount and then taken that, it wouldn't be showing as two transactions and this problem wouldn't occur.

Have they bothered to call me back - even to apologise? NO. :down:
Well that's just ridiculous. That could land some people in a bit of a mess and is just totally unacceptable.
It looks like they have done this to me too now ... well, they have on hold 595.77 when it should be 545.77
I called and asked them if the same thing had happened to me meesh ... was told they didnt think so, that they will speak to finance dept and see what they took ... but that I might need to get bank statements and send them ... and that any cost for that and any charges if I am overdrawn will be credited back ... watch this space ....

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