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Jun 24, 2008
Eventually I think I told everyone, that I managed to bag the turquiose one in size 16, and it should be with me soon. But in the meantime, I spotted a black one in size 14 down to about £17 so I snaffled that one up as well. I received it this morning (the black one) The sizing is fairly skimpy, the 14 does fit, but I would think that the 16 won't be far too baggy. Bottom line is though, for some reason, it just doesn't do anything for me IYKWIM! Ok, so far I've only tried it on prior to getting ready for work, no make up, no shoes, hair not done etc etc but looking at myself in the mirror, there is certainily no "wow" factor. It's a bit longer than I thought it would be, would look miles better if it was just below the knee, but being a mid calf length it looks a little bit on the frumpy side, and you cannot really make out the rose detailing on the neckline..so all in all a bit of a disappointment tbh. I should imagine that the turquoise colour should suit me a bit better, and it should make the detail on the dress a bit more prominent. Oh well. I might send one of them back, haven't decided yet! I've not been so lucky with my shopping purchases lately have I?...apart from the wonderful California steam styler from Thane!
Hi Merryone, I've bought quite a few bits and bobs of clothing from them in the past and have been disappointed with all of it. It tends to be very thin and feeble. Their bags are great though - especially the Tommy and Kate.

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