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i have email customer services giving them 1 week to get this problem sorted out under the sale of goods act and to this date they have not even bothered to reply, so much for jan saying i would get it sorted better by emailing. so from Monday morning i am taking them to court the ring wasnt expensive that is beside the point when you buy something you expect to be able to wear it and it is now the principle of the thing these companies take our money send out goods not fit for the purpose they were bought and are not prepared to stand by their goods quality the one thing i will say with Rocks and even gems they will if you have a faulty item after the money back time is up do their upmost to do something about it SIT-UP CHANNELS WILL NOT SO BEAR THAT IN MIND NEXT TIME YOU THINK OF BUYING FROM THEM
Go get em Tequila!!!! I'm sure you know that under the sale of goods acts, an item must be of 'merchantable quality'. So are they saying that anything they sell is only suitable for use for 14 days??? A ring by its very nature, is meant to be worn on your finger, or are they suggesting that you keep it in the box and just look at it??

I know it involves expense, but is it worth taking the ring to a jeweller and asking them about the mount and the claws - to find out if they were indeed suitable to hold in the stone. If in their opinion it wasn't, then the ring was not of 'merchantable quality'?

thanks mad yes i know it and i am sure CS of bid up do as well but they are ignoring it they would not even discuss it all this Jan kept telling me was he was sticking to the 14day returns rule and was not even open for discussion
Good luck Tequilla, like you I feel its the principal of the matter not the price of the item !.
When will these large firms realise that good customer service is essential to running a business ?
Good for you they would be hoping if they ignored you, you would just go away. You are right a ring should be fit to be worn no matter how much it costs and they should not be allowed to get away with this shabby treatment. Good luck and small claims court is not too expensive and you can do the paperwork yourself citizens advice maybe able to help you. Keep us up to date with the outcome.

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