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Jun 24, 2008
UMC 32" 1080p Full HD LCD TV with Integrated Blu Ray Player & USB Recorder
Item Number: 562576
QVC Price £700.00
Super Bargain Price £578.52
Availability In stock
UK P&P £7.95

Experience the best of high definition performance in one sleek package with this 32" 1080p HDTV from UMC. This LCD screen boasts a full 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 3000:1 contrast and a built-in Blu-ray player that is backwardly compatible so that you can play CDs and DVDs as well as high definition Blu-ray films. The TV has two HDMI, two Scart and a component input as well as a USB recording port and a Ethernet port for enjoying BD-Live content. It measures about 79cm x 57.5cm x 27cm (31.1" x 22.6" x 10.6") with the stand. Comes with remote.
They're showing this at the moment on QVC Night-time so I've started recording it... only one review so far - wot, no screws for the stand? :eek:

Didn't any of us buy one? I'm attracted by the built-in blu-ray as I am pushed for space, however I'm holding off buyiing a flat panel because a lot of them don't do Standard Definition display very well and also don't do good sound. Any more info from Shopping Telly-ers?

clemenzina :)
Oh, I see from Money Saving Expert that it has been selling at Macro for £460. And that the brand is a catch-all for outlet models.


clemezina :)
isn't MSE a wonderful place for info. you can pretty much guarantee that whatever you're looking for, will be there!

based on that info, i wouldn't bother with this one ;) i've got it pretty ingrained from reading 'Which?' that Panasonic followed by Sony are the leaders in this area.
Amazon is pretty good for reviews, too - I think they gather up reviews from all over the net. Some Toshiba LCDs get very good reviews, with price/quality ratio particularly mentioned.

Trouble is in this house, even if I did take the plunge I might have to plonk the new telly on top of my existing CRT, which is far too big and heavy to move :p I had to pay £50 for it to be delivered up my stairs :eek:


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