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Apr 28, 2009
Hi everyone, I'm new here so treat me gently!! HAHA! I was just wondering what opinions you have on the Ultrasun brand from QVC, I've just bought a duo of it and am quite alarmed to see the second ingredient is alcohol in both bottles, I bought the face one 30spf and the body gel 20 spf and with the gel one the smell of alcohol fair knocked me back when I applied it to my skin that's what prompted me to check the ingredients, I am surprisded at Alison Young recommending this as a good skin care item with the alcohol in it!

Anyway I was just wondering what you guys thought or if you had tried it out as i am abit reluctant to put it onto my skin now!
:http://i70.ph: Pink Princess and welcome to the forum.

I haven't used the product but believe that it has won awards so not sure. lol

Pink Princess, have a look at this thread.


I use ultrasun ever year on holiday and yes the alchol is very strong smelling but does disappear when you apply the product. It is a very good sun protection.
The alcohol is there so the product dries quickly. You can't have everything and what is good for your skin is the sun protection it offers which is by far the worst offender!

After that you are left with the feeling of no sunscreen but it does a great job and I've used the sports formula in the carribean a couple of times - snorkelled and swam all day and only topped up a little with a higher SPF regular spray on vulnerable areas during the day. I see it as a good waterproof protective base and never burnt.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys I will give it another try as you all have had good results all I need is some sunny weather now!
I love Ultrasun. Am alergic to quite a lot of sunscreens but this one I'm fine with. I also like the fact that you only have to apply it once a day. Have just got the SPF30 face one and its brilliant. Its a bit sticky when it first goes on but it soon sinks in leaving your face really smooth. I don't even need a primer after applying it. Really the best product I've bought from QVC in ages.

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