Ultrasun Anti-aging SPF30


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Mar 19, 2009
I've just started using a new Ultrasun bottle of the anti-aging SPF30 and have used that particular suncream for a while. However, I hadn't used any of the new-label bottles until now. I know that Ultrasun stated that the content is the same, but it seems less thick and more fluid than the contents I had in the previous bottles. Has anyone noticed this or am I going nuts ? :D
I've never tried the "old" label creams before, just the new ones, but I think they're great. Ali Young did a really good description on how to use these creams on the website recently which I read with great interest. I didn't realise how the cream actually worked, so that was very useful. I'd rather read her answers than listen to her though!!:angel:
I am now using the anti-ageing packs, as opposed to the older non-anti-ageing creams. The newer ones are certainly thinner textured than the old. I presume because they are a different formula.

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