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Create and Craft has the UK Exclusive launch of the Xyron Creatopia Starter Kit on Sunday 29th November at 9pm.<br /><br />Brand new from Xyron... everything you need to get started with Creatopia.<br /><br />This has yet to hit the retail shelves in the UK and is your opportunity to be the first to own the world of Creatopia at this tremendous introductory price.<br /><br />Start with the 12" platform, which comes with a permanent adhesive starter cartridge, to add adhesive just like you would with any other Xyron Creation Station machine.<br /><br />Take your Emboss Border Starter to emboss a design on the edge of your project. This set also comes with the Star border emboss set for use with your Emboss Border Starter.<br /><br />Alternatively use the Cutting Starter with up to 6 blades (3 come with this kit) at a time to cut designs, embellishments, cards, invitations etc.<br /><br />UK Exclusive Pick of the Day price: £150.00 (Usual Create and Craft Price: £174.25)<br /><br />See <a href="http://www," target="_blank"></a> for more information.

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