TV Adverts, QVC Presenters Could Do


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Jul 20, 2009
North East England
We have had books, songs and pantomime characters. What TV adverts should the QVC presenters do.

I will start of with:

I can't believe its not butter! AY
Jill Franks walks hand in hand with Iggy Pop down the road with Churchill on a lead ! - (the dog has to be around, as there is no difference in the other two)
Pantene - Gilly
Pampers - Claire
Excellence Creme hair colour - Pipa
Harvey's Bristol Cream - Craig
P.P.P.Pick up a penguin - Kathy
Mothers Pride bread - Julian
PC World - Anthony
Polyfilla - Alison Y
Slimfast - Jill F
Innocence Smoothies Charlie and Dale
Playtex - Alison K
Scotts Porridge Oats - Simon or Anne
Dolmio / Bertolli - Anne
Freeman's Catalogue - Anne
Tango - Claudia
Whiskas - Catherine

(Can't think of one for Sarah G)

Linda :wave2:
JR - 50 plus catalogue or the one about clothes not fitting right
AY - L'oreal - Beacause you're not worthy
JB - Aunt Bessie's - Just like Granny used to make
CS - Anything pink
Jan springer could do the one where youre now so broke you have to resort to sending all your gold back in an envelope and they weigh it and send you a fiver for it

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