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Jan 23, 2009
I am tempted by this so interested in your opinions please if you have had a steam mop. Price seems okay compared with handheld steamers only.

Years ago had a previous handheld steam cleaner that I enjoyed until it died (been considering another for a while) but unsure about the mop bit on this? Is it a good thing or gimmick?

I currently use the microfibre mop and love how quickly it dries so is this mop going to be an improvement or not do you think.
Todays TSV Steam Mop


Has anyone tried this type of mop before and is it a good price,


interesting product....i have tried a number of steam mops, each time going up in price as i have found quality is reflected by the price. this is a very good price, particularly for the power but it reminds me of a product qvc had a whild back and it never maintained the correct temperature for long so the steam generated was not at its full power. This then leads to floors being saturated and so is a nightmare, particularly on wooden floors. If possible, I would really recommend going with a well established name that will guarantee the bar pressure of the steam.
I bought the H2O steam mop from QVC last year and I love it. Its a similar shape to the mop they had on today but mine doesn't convert into a handheld streamer. It was also more expensive at around £70. I bought a cheaper one from QVC for about £25 when it was a TSV (can't remember the name but it was yellow - why would that help - sorry!) I received a letter form them about 2 months later saying that, following further testing, it didn't work as well as they said on the demonstration and I could return it if I wanted to which I did as it really was rubbish and ran out of steam in about 10 minutes. The one they have on today does look good but I don't recoginse the brand name so, following my last experience, I would be wary about buying it.

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