TSV Purple Tulips offer at Thompson & Morgan


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Jun 24, 2008
TSV Purple Tulips offer at Thompson & Morgan

I just had an email from them and there's a tempting offer on 20 of these tulips for £5.99 (plus p&p) or £10 for 20 tulips and a Narcissus Rose of May 20bulbs pack. I'm thinking about going for this bundle.

Jude x
Thank you Akimbo, I really liked the TSV but didn't go for it. I'll definitely have these if I can get them.
I got the TSV and I've gone for these too. Mr Akimbo is trying to keep to a purple theme in the front garden...the back garden is like a barren version of tellytubbieland with our 3 bunnies eating anything they can!

Every day during daffodil season Stu nibbles the daffies to see if the flavour has improved since the previous day! (They're supposed to be harmful to rabbits but he never eats them, the taste must be awful!) It just amuses me that he has to keep trying them!

Jude xx

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