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Jul 20, 2009
North East England
Did anyone catch Dragons Den this week? this guy was trying to get some money to help market a product called Truecall. i won't bore you but you will find it on the web. Well, he was asked if he had sold any and he said he had had and order for about 90,000 from QVC, he was also asked the retail price and he quoted around £97. I have checked out the QVC website and it's on sale for £128. Guess what will be a TSV in the near future. (Although i do think it is a good product).:bandit:
The QVC item includes a bigger SD card which can record 140hours which is why it's at a higher price than the £100 on Amazon for the unit with 70 hour SD card.

Jude x
i saw it. i thought it was a classic QVC item in that it has to be demonstrated to be appreciated.
hope he does well with it, but it was way too expensive in my opinion.

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