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Jun 25, 2008
Hi all is anyone else having trouble with the stream and chat in rocks logged in managed to say hi then everything went blank now i cant get back in.
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There have been problems this afternoon. Chat froze for abour 20 minutes a while ago and I think it has happened again now. It's at Rocks' end and they are aware of it I believe!
:44:No i havent had live stream/chat at all.... neva mind ive got my ironing done !!!! and a cuppa and a hot x bun so im sorted.
Yes I've been having problems all week. Not able to login to Rocks TV at all and I've got items in my basket that need to be paid for!
you buying again BH sweetie? thought you'd bought up the shop already lol

livestream generally has been a problem for me of late, not just with RTV.

Sorry Sammi just caught up with this thread. I did have a biggish delivery this week :)
Rocks site seems to play up for me too at times!! Won't let me add to order. The problem is always their end as I don't have any problems with other site too. Hope you can log back in soon. Good luck xx

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