Transferring VHS to DVD????


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Jun 24, 2008
I'm looking into buying some kit to convert video to DVD and have seen a couple of items on QVC...

Pinnacle Video Transfer: Capture TV Content to A Portable Device

Dazzle DVD Recorder: Transfer Video Footage To A DVD

Dazzle Video Creator Platinum

If anyone out there can offer some advice as to what to go for, that would be great. It's a minefield out there!


I just connect a VCR to my TV via scart and my DVD Harddrive player/recorder. The VCR is set up as device AV2. I then press play on the VCR and Record from AV2 on the DVD player.

Very simple and not extra kit needed, providing you have a dvd recorder.

I did try a Dazzle some time ago and found the the quality was not that good.
Hi Themroc,

Your feedback has given me pause for thought! I was just about to reply saying that I don't have a DVD recorder, but I think I can record to DVD on my laptop.

I wonder whether I just need an S-Video cable as well as scart. I guess it's just the connections and the fiddling that might flummox me a bit.

Thanks for the heads up on Dazzle and for your advice.

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