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Jun 24, 2008
I saw this on the QVC homepage today..........

Tova replies to customers about her signature fragrance

Dear everyone,

I want to assure those of you who have written comments about changes to the Tova Signature fragrance. This fragrance is as close to me as it is to all of you. It has my name on it and so the integrity of it is equally important to me. Neither the formula nor the fragrance has changed at all, that I can tell you with confidence.

When I celebrated the fragrance's 25th Anniversary I introduced a new art deco bottle. The original had a frosted, opaque finish and the new one is completely transparent. With a new bottle, it's easy to perceive the fragrance differently. It's like eating ice cream from a bowl you don't usually eat it from - you think it tastes differently!

The other difference with the new bottle is the pump. The stream of fragrance from the new bottle is smaller giving you less fragrance with each pump. This has a huge difference on the laying of the fragrance on the skin. It may even smell different and not last as long. I spray it twice or even more than that to reach the same effect. This pump is being worked on at the moment to help with this.

I promise that I will keep in close touch with you all from now as I would really like to hear what you think has changed to the fragrance. I have lived and breathed this fragrance for over 25 years and want it to remain a classic, which is why I would never change it. I really want to make sure everyone is happy with their Tova beauty items.

With all my love to everyone,

Tova x
Very condescending.

I can't comment, as I hate the fragrance full stop, but if it's something you use and like then being in a different bottle isn't going to affect the resulting scent on the skin. How dumb does she think people are?!
I agree about the condescending nature, and I wish that she could have said something on air, just acknowledging that people were not happy and that they took the comments on board.
I have watched the poor reviews on US website and on their QVC community and here with growing dismay as I have used Signature for 10years, and I stopped ordering last year, but although I have tried different scents, nothing compares with Signature for me, so I bit the bullet and reordered recently and do you know it is no different for me, in the 10years that I have used it I have always needed to reapply, I have only ever had 2 people ask me what I was wearing as it was so lovely, but I have had at least 4 people say "what is that awful smell, it smells like kitchen cleaner"!
I like the fact that the new packaging delivers a finer spray and I am just so relieved that for me it is the same rather elusive but lovely smell!
Sounds to me as if Tova has been drinking the stuff instead of spraying it.
" eating ice cream from a bowl you don't usually eat it from - you think it tastes differently!" Only if you start eating it from the cat's bowl, love...
Did someone say an ingrediant had changed on here ? if so porkies from Tova.
Did someone say an ingrediant had changed on here ? if so porkies from Tova.

They're adding pork??? :eek::eek: Is that why it smells so different?

And there I was, thinking I was supposed to try spraying it on ice cream. :7:

Yours, easily confused, :5:

Sublime xxx

i am so saddended by tova's cream tastes the same from a china bowl as it does straight from the tub........i have been a wearer of her signature fragrance for many years & in fact was probably the 1st of many items bought from QVC....i have had many many compliments on her scents.......BMS & her nights & even known by my 1st name & with the lovely smells........nice eh......not so with this....they asked if i was ill...........sooooooooo im sorry tova BUT I'm not buying it [in more than one way ]
& if you are reading this though i doubt.....youre a beautiful woman & shame on you !!!
i am glad that qvc have questioned Tova over the 'changes' in the perfume. yes i agree that pump is different and the spray finer but i am no sure it would effect the length of time that the fragrance lasts on the skin, previously i have never needed to reapply it and have had loads of complements on the fragrance from friends and strangers.

Maybe Tova now realises that the problem needs to be corrected asap to prevent her loosing more customers. i supose we will all have to wait and see!

On her last visit she hinted at the return of .calm fragrance my all time favourite, hopefully that will be in the christmas TSV :20::20:
as I said in another thread she no longer owns the company and it is owned by QVC. When you read the the posts on the QVcUS site it seems to all have started from then.
I have worn most of Tovas fragrances, they only one that gets comments Body, mind and spirit.
Also Tova keeps getting asked to bring back Tova.calm on air and she it will but it has yet to appear.
Well, I'm not a fan of Tova, however it seems to me that all the poor woman can do is try and protect her name as clearly if QVC has taken over the brand "Tova" they can do whatever they want to the formula and there's nothing she can do about it.
If QVC tell her it hasn't been altered then she is in the same position as everyone else and have to take them at their word.

She does though have a point about the packaging changing possibly influence peoples opinions on the content. There have been studies on this, for example; where they coloured baked beans - made them blue by adding just food colouring and tested people who professed to liking baked beans. Nearly all of those tested said the beans tasted "funny" and didn't like them. Yet when they tried plate 2, more beans from the same tin but had not had the food colouring added, they said they were fine and liked them!

Supermarkets have the same response when they change the labels on their tins etc.

Just my opinion of course but perhaps this is now what's happening to Tova Signature, plus the fact you have to apply it differently might be giving the suggestion that it has changed?
Sounds to me as if Tova has been drinking the stuff instead of spraying it.
" eating ice cream from a bowl you don't usually eat it from - you think it tastes differently!" Only if you start eating it from the cat's bowl, love...

Hahaha!!! That really is BS isn't it? Ice cream is ice cream no matter how you eat. Wonder if she's getting confused with fish and chips tasting different out of newspaper (didn't they stop that??) than on a plate?!

Dearie me ...
I think she's been inhaling too much of her perfume.....

I don't have a special 'ice cream bowl' & usually use whichever bowl is not in the dishwasher & unless it's a different flavour (LOL) it usually always tastes the same! The ice cream that is, not the bowl...

Unless I do use the cat bowl in which case it tastes vaguely of tuna & shrimp! (joke)

I've never heard such a lot of rubbish & I don't even use her fragrance.
To test Tova's theory, I'm going to buy several tubs of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough icecream. I'm going to put it all in different bowls - I'll even try some in saucepans and lock and lock. I'll see if it tastes any different. I think about three tubs should do it.
I am a martyr for you people! But someone has to do it!
(If anyone wants me, I'll be stuffing my face!)
M x
Some hilarious posts!

Just a thought, but could the ingreadients be the same, but not what they used to be?

Like apples being so much sweeter than 10 years ago......Or marujana beeing so much stronger than in the 60's?!!!

Like tomatos don't taste of anything unless you buy vine toms or grow them yourself.....
I said before the fragrance companies do this alot. Change to cheaper ingredients which does effect the character of perfume. Of course a cheaper version will not have the lasting quality.

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