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Jun 24, 2008
Just saw a membership package for £29.99 which gives you exclusive deals on tickets for the theatre, West end or local if you prefer, and the offer gives you a free ticket to one of 5 top London shows. Tempted, but am holding back as I don't really fancy going to the theatre on my own. Usually they're egging you on to buy two...Ie one for you and one for a friend, but this time they're not and I'm a bit confused tbh. Ok, lets say I get a ticket worth £60, if I'm going to take a mate or Oh, then they're going to have to shell out £60 if they're going to sit with me..Ok, I guess they can buy their own membership, but what they don't make clear is whether more than one member would be able to book their free ticket in seats that are next to one another. Also they say you can go backstage, ok, I'd probably not want to do that, but if a mate was with me, I tempted as I say, but not if it means having to go on my own. Did anyone else see this? As I said I was surprised that they weren't pushing the idea of family membership.
I would love that but it sounds to good to be true.

I just love doing things by myself.
Thanks for that, I looked and it didn't really help with the question about dual or family membership ie can two free tickets be in adjacent seats. I shall email that question to them...otherwise unless you don't mind going to the theatre alone, it's more of a buy one get one free offer and tbh they're ubiquitous.
Why not just get your tickets for the West End at the Half Price Ticket Booth in Leicester Square? At least you will be sure of a ticket that exists and you can sit together.

Always get my tickets there and they have most of the shows. To be honest, you will probably find that there, in the small print they can not guarentee you tickets for all shows. So make sure what your "free" ticket exisit for. You might find that they only apply to shows you don't want to see!
The guy selling the package was Richard Hardwick who used to be on the Sit Up channels. I wondered was it his company.
Clear as mud really. Sounds like a duck and walks like a duck.....

Another Travel Steps scheme perhaps?
This offer really seems to good to be true. I can't imagine that you can really choose the shows you want to see. You should ask first and check out if it's possible to sit together and go to the show of your choice. I am a big theatre fan but I think I'll let this offer pass. I haven't made good experience with packages like this.

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