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Saw I’m a few days ago, I presume he’s on holiday. Doubt strongly that he’s left, I’ve heard him say on a few occasions that he supplies the majority of the gemstones to Shop LLC/TJC.
It's my perverted sense of humour but I find him entertaining. He is so bad he is good. So I hope to see him soon
I saw him on TJC fairly recently. His "style" of selling (unfortunately for customers) started the whole "Xct" of top grade "Y" gems are doubling in price every 6 months. This piece of jewellery has even larger carat weight. Yet we're selling it for just 10%. The only way we could do this is because I bought a very large amount/parcel prior to price skyrocketed. So we've decided to sell it close to price we paid years ago. Omitting the fact current gem price is for natural (no treatments) genuine top grade vs what is being sold. Atop of fact "Xct" is in 1 stone, not e.g. 20 bits that have been treated to Nth degree. The pictures I'm going to show is my lowest grade Brazilian Paraiba 100% untreated, of just over 2cts.
Only reason showing my lowest quality is to compare with his/TJC treated Madagascan approx 2ct over: I think the largest Paraiba in their ring was 25 points; surrounded by 5-ish point pieces; surrounded by a further ring of even smaller bits. Most are a pale green with so many inclusions, the larger stones are translucent near to opaque.
Similar to other T.V. channels. So I know you can easily compare them (with fact mine isn't treated plus Brazilian etc.)..


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