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Jun 24, 2008
In cream tea country of North Devon
Just wanted to wish Rocks & Co good luck for today's launch.

All the best for some good shows.

Best wishes to the familiar faces we'll be seeing again, as well as the presenters who are new to us shoppingtelly addicts :D

Will be interesting to see how things go and what sort of jewellery will be on show.
:D As if we need MORE temptation put in our way!!! Good luck all on a successful launch.:thumbup:

:) Yes I too hope all goes well for today... and looking forward to more choice of bling to purchase...

""Good Luck and Happy Launch Day""!!!! :)
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To all at Rocks & Co


I'm looking forward to seeing what gemstones they have to offer us and at what prices....

....not forgetting there's free p&p for the first order this month.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Vicky Burton back on the box.
I've been trying to get on the website via the banner on ST but it's not working.
I've been trying to get on the website via the banner on ST but it's not working.

Me too. Very interested to see what the website can do as I don't have Sky - hoping for live feed/web buying.
I've been trying to get on the website via the banner on ST but it's not working.

Yup, me too. Up until yesterday there was a page saying that Rocks & Co would be launching today, but now the site cannot be found at all. My guess is that there are IT guys frantically working behind the scenes to get things ready for the launch...
Rocks and Co Website

Hi all I am sorry to tell you that our website will not be working in time for launch at 3pm. As you can imagine this is ludicrously frustrating for us!
This is a problem with our host and is out of our hands. The problem will be fixed as soon as possible, but I am unable to tell you when – we literally have people working on this round the world and round the clock!
We are still going live at 3pm on channel 642 and you will be able to order by phone so make sure you are watching and don’t forget to quote promotional code RAC200 to get free P&P – exclusive to users!
For those that don't have sky you will not miss out, because we are not a falling auction channel, this means that when the website is up and running (which hopefully will be very soon!!!) you will still be able to buy the jewellery that we have shown on TV.
Thanks so much for all your support – 17 minutes to go...
Too bad about the website - you must be tearing your hair out - but good luck anyway :) 13 minutes to go .....
Ah well - maybe those of you who are watching on Sky could do some edited highlights of the prettiest pieces and best bargains please?
So far a double act with Vicky and Caroline chatting and taking a few minutes over each piece. No music in the background but they did show a few jazzy trailers at the beginning. Also mentioning free resizing just paying the p&p both ways.

Same as Gems etc with a 10 day MBG and £5.95 p & p, for all items delivered in one day. You can buy at any time just by quoting the item number. Rings in Size N

Started off on a good note for me with a Tanzanian ruby in YG....nine brilliant cut stones weighing a total of 1.67cts. Didn't mention however if they were treated/untreated.
Sounds good especially the 'buy at any time' thing.

Do they give gem weight and gold weight for the jewellery?

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