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TomTom ONE V.4 GB & ROI Maps 3.5" Touchscreen In Car Sat Nav & Easyport Mount
Item Number: 560278
QVC Price £121.00
Today's Special Value Price £99.96
Availability In stock
UK P&P £4.95

Enjoy hassle-free driving with TomTom's ONE V4 sat nav. It works straight from the box and is operated with its 3.5" touchscreen. Securing your sat nav has never been easier thanks to the EasyPort mount, and its sleek pocket-sized design looks great too. Make navigating a breeze with the latest maps and TomTom's MapShare technology, plus the Help Me! feature ensures help is never far away should you need it. You'll find addresses easily with the eight-digit postcode recognition, plus you get added peace of mind with one year's breakdown recovery.


TomTom ONE V.4 Protective Carry Case with Strap
Item Number: 560392
QVC Price £10.00
Availability In stock
UK P&P £2.95

Carry your TomTom ONE V4 satellite navigation system (560278) around with you safely thanks to this protective carry case. The compact, stylish and durable case will protect your TomTom ONE V4 (series 30) from bumps and scratches and features a detachable wrist strap for ease of carrying.
Anyone know if this is a good deal? I usd to use my ex's navman which was very easy but didn't take postcodes. I desperately need a sat nav and am tempted by the easy pay-but not if it's a load of do do!
I don't know if the price is good - it sounds good. But I personally find the Tom Toms good have used a few and they are very easy to use.
I had the previous Garmin Sat Nav that was a load of poo ! wasnt
as described and disconected and shut down after the first use . QVC recalled them but Ive gone for this one dur to positive reviews from friends and the easy pay .
I need a sat nav just for walking around London. Does anyone know if this sat-nav could be used with a mains charger?
They all can and can be bought very cheaply on Ebay :pPC:
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I need a sat nav just for walking around London. Does anyone know if this sat-nav could be used with a mains charger?

I got the mains charger and leather case with no p+p from amazon for £9.99 as I will use it for walking in london as well
The only negative thing I have learned about it is that the battery life is poor at just over 60 mins. No probs in the car but maybe not so good out walking?I think QVC are being a little deceitful about the breakdown service too- not exclusive to them at all,is available ftom amazon and others too. But price and easy pay have swung it for me- I will give it a really good trial and return it if not 100% happy.
oooh, almost tempted - price includes a years worth of breakdown cover which is around £30 plus easy pay and 30 day MBG.

But, I've got a car with a years worth of breakdown cover already and the last TomTom I borrowed off someone nearly got thrown out the window. Mind you, I was trying to navigate through Swindon with its never-ending roundabouts. Thannkfully I never came across the Magic Roundabout! I'll stick to Google Maps and a handy printout for now.

BTW, anyone contemplating a SatNav for walking - check if your mobile phone has a GPS/A-GPS facility. You can download Google Maps for free and use it that way instead of forking out. Bear in mind that you may need a data tariff bolt-on type thing if you use A-GPS.
I looked at the TomTom when recently looking for a SatNav, my first. QVC has a good price today, though as said before you can get free breakdown cover for a year from other retailers. It depends on what you want/need really. This is a basic model. If you want it to announce street names or give warning to change lanes, or stuff like cameras, european maps etc., you would have to look at higher models. I don't think theirs is the traffic edition, so the cable for that might be another £50 - if the machine can do it. Some lower end machines do not have a mode that switches to pedestrian, you need to enquire and make sure. I liked the feature that the volume does up depending on the noise in the car - great idea! If that's what you want or need, go for it! Great deal!
PS I chose the Garmin 265, by the way. But each to their own!
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Did anyone go for this? My sister ordered it but it hasn't come yet. I've told her that maybe it has got lost.
I ordered and mine still hasn't arrived despite having had a despatch notice days ago.

Em xXx
Same here, had despatch notice early in the week (Monday I think) but it hasn't arrived - can anyone tell me if they were sent Royal Mail please?
I phoned CS yesterday they where sent RM and should be recievd by Tuesday does seem an awful long time to get from Liverpool , its not exactly having to cross continents is it
Same here with RM from QVC.. 8 days 10 inc weekends) from despatch to delivery in Cambs.. That's happened the last 5 times when stuff has been delivered by RM.

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