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Jun 26, 2008
I liked the look of this and put it on cheque hold. just as well, because when I was talking to CS today about my drowned coat, asked about this, as it has Freeserve, and I have SKY. the rep said it would not work with Sky! just as well I asked. All that waffle and they cannot give the facts. It is apparently intended for people who have to switch to digital because they do not have sky etc
We have sky plus and I love it .Great for recording,you only have to press the one button,even I can use it and I am a real technophobe!!It can work out quite expensive depending on which package you get,so worth thinking about whether you need/want movies sports etc..we pay over 50pounds a montand also the broadband and phone rental is now with them too(cheaper than bt)You can record hours of programmes so its great to record full series of programmes too.Well worth it in my humble opinion.Hope this helps x
Queenie, can I ask? Is it possible to archive stuff off of a Sky + box please?
If you have stuff on your sky+ box like movies - then you downgrade your subs to not having them they are removed from the sky+ box.
They are not removed from the Sky+ box if you downgrade, however you cant view them
Thanks a lot everyone, will look into the cost. definitely going to get it when I can afford it. just paid a fortune to have pug's eye tested by specialist. worth it though, she is not going to lose her sight, which was a possibility.

when I get the insurance money back, I will splurge.

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