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Jun 27, 2008

Does anyone have any thoughts on todays TSV, the 12 megapixels camera? I'm very tempted, but trying to resist as I'm suppose to be saving up for a new printer :thinking2: I've not heard of the GE make before is it a good one?
Hello Dragonfly
I have the same camera, I have found it the best digital camera I have ever bought.
It's very easy to use and the pictures I have taken with it are excellent. I do take alot of pictures with it and carry it in my bag all the time. I would highly recommend it if you do buy it I'm sure you won't regret it. Hope this helps but as I've already said I do take loads of pictures. Harley Girl
Thanks harley girl :)
I have gone for it, at least with qvc I have the safe guard of 30 days, but this camera just looks like what I need to carry around in my handbag, alot of the other camera's I've looked at only have 3 x optical zoom and also the panorama feature looks good.
Hi Dragonfly
I am sure you won't regret it , it really is good value for all the features you get with it.Before I got mine I done a lot of reseach and found for the cost this is really one of the best compact cameras, I really hope you enjoy it, and it sounds like you'll be keeping it in your bag like me. Glad to be of help, happy snapping .
p.s. the panoramic feature is brill. Harley Girl
Hi Dragonfly let me know how you get on with the camera when you recieve it, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.
Just to let you know I am not a sales rep for GE Ha Ha , just a Mum & Nan who likes taking great pics of my lovely little Granddaughter.
Harley Girl

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