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Bought a few things over the weekend, convinced myself I was being good and getting some pressies.

Only problem is, they've just arrived and I want them all!!!!!

Firstly, turquoise and black onyx necklace. Don't know what got in to me, I've NEVER liked turquoise, but couldn't resist!!! I love it, item code TE981, paid £14.

Next the black onyx earrings. Had my eye on these for a while, item code BA724, paid £5!!! Much bigger than I was expecting.

Black onyx necklace item code WA387 paid £7, (what a steal), I've raised it up on my neck so you don't get an eyeful of cleavage!!!!

Lastly, the peacock pearls, what I call the bubble necklace. Unfortunately, mine's arrived broken, the bolt ring is detached from the wire, but I've every confidence it will be replaced without fuss. Item code TE981, paid £9.


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Got yourself some bargains there,Mad!!:1:

I particularly like the turquoise's bloomin' gawjuss,yet another to add to my ever growing wishlist!

The onyx pieces.simple but lovely and I like the pearls too,just a shame you need a replacement but I'm sure they will sort for you soon.

Not like you to be shy over flashing yer assets!!:3:

Enjoy them all!!
LOVE the last one Mrs Mad, i'd love that, not the broken one obviously :54: :54:

very pretty indeed, all of them, you look different by the way.......

with your clothes on..! :eek: :D
:lol My first thought was (when I saw it was an M4G jewellery thread) will she be dressed - see what you have us thinking now M4G?!

Liking the turquoise necklace particularly (very modest attire there!) - like you said you were not, I'm not a fan of turquoise really but that one looks really pretty, I could be persuaded ..... but I don't need anything else... do I?!
Lovely items there M4G. I received the peacock pearl necklace today as well, but paid £14 for it (mind you, it isn't broken!), I guess you win some and lose some. As it's a prezzie I don't begrudge the extra £5 - yours was an incredibly low price. As you say, no doubt it will be replaced with a minimum of fuss.
Lovely haul - I would say this as I have the last three items and have the first necklace on wish list!

Received my goodies today as well. Will post pictures soon.

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