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Jul 4, 2008
Hi there,

Does anyone know if TJC's pink sapphires (or any of their sapphires for that matter) are treated and what treatments they use?


I'm sorry I don't actually know the answer to that. I do know they are always up front about treatments etc and don't just hide them away on their website. Why don't you email [email protected] and they will normally read your question out and answer it live. Worth a try or just email cs from their website.
I'd be very surprised if their Iliana sapphire pieces were treated as they're priced as if they'd be untreated. I've seen them selling some real beauties too.

Meeshoo will know - Meeshoo where are you? Time to get up!
They had a NATURAL Padparadscha sapphire a few days ago i think it was 1-1.25cts and they kept stating it was natural and unheated even the details stated natural sapphire and it was £1500!
Thanks ladies. Think they are probably heat treated which is fine, but want to know if they are beryllium treated as really wouldnt want to buy a sapphire with that treatment. Have emailed the studio but no response yet. Will let you know if i hear anything...
Good morning Ladies!

I'm pretty sure that the majority of TJC's sapphires etc., are heat treated and treated with beryillium. The price is indicative of such. However, TJC are very very coy about what enhancements are used and their enhancement page is an absolute joke - and it actually contains such old information with respect to treatments that it's laughable.

What they ARE good at doing is stating when something is natural and untreated.

However, and I am speaking purely from personal experience with TJC, I'm not entirely sure that the buyers in the UK are given sufficient information to actually know what has been done to the gemstones. I'm sure in some cases that's probably an over-statement and they may have tightened up their processes but certainly it wasn't the case a while ago.

If you are buying from ANY jewellery shopping channel, you should always assume that all the gemstones (unless stated otherwise) have been heated AND treated in some way. This is common practice and is how the prices are lower than elsewhere.

If you have your heart set on buying an untreated sapphire there are many many places you can buy from but unfortunately not normally on the telly.
Oh dear! I thought that at £400-£600 for a carat of Pink Sapphire would mean they were natural - flipping heck I'm shocked! I would want untreated for that money but then I'm a meanie!

Thanks for the link Meeshoo I couldn't find their Enhancements Page.

Edit - I've just had a look at The Natural Sapphire Company's website - what a shocker. Obviously all my lovely sapphires are treated because I didn't pay anything like the prices they charge for natural ones
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Do tell me more about how you feel Klos, wouldn't want you bottling anything up now would we! xxx:devil:
Do tell me more about how you feel Klos, wouldn't want you bottling anything up now would we! xxx:devil:

:hi: Argey, how very kind of you to ask. I'm still feeling like a little :angel:

4 Days, 7 Hours and 2 Minutes and counting :cool2:

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They never got back to me in the end - guess they didnt want to broadcast the treatments on their sapphires. Is frustrating as i am not adverse to gems with treatments (particularly when i dont want to spend a fortune), i just want to know what i am buying! Didnt purchase in the end so their loss. Thanks for all your input!

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