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Aug 8, 2008
Hi all. As most of you know, TJC-US has been "going out of business" since last July. Yesterday was to be their last day on air. Well, it was, sort of.

Sometime yesterday, in the midst of their "final sale day," they announced that they would be launching sometime today, the new "Liquidation Channel." They would be selling so much more than jewelry at the "lowest prices." They mentioned this over and over throughout the day (we watched sporadically out of price curiosity) and they also mentioned that "by law" they were prohibited from selling anything that had been shown on the air or was currently in their vault on the new channel. They would have the same presenters as well.

What a crock. I just flipped on the "new channel" and there was one of the same presenters selling a ring that has been on TJC before. While he was hawking the ring, he commented that if we had been a TJC customer previously, our login/passwords would be the same for the "new" website and to place orders on the phone, the phone numbers to call in were the same, etc...etc. The only thing that I don't think they are doing is the falling auction. I think it's more the one price, one plunge deal that they've been doing for weeks. They are still selling Iliana & Rhapsody (they same stuff I saw in the past few weeks).

I just logged onto the new website -- it's a new and improved TJC website with alot of the same products that they were selling previously - just has a new look and name.

Personally (and this is my opinion), I found this whole "going out of business" thing a big fraud. They had no returns during all of this and you know there were people who were unhappy. I purchased one item when the GOB sale first started and never purchased another item. The prices did not reflect a going out of business sale, they reflected a company that just wanted to make money and IMO took advantage of people. Quite frankly, I saw more junk in the past few weeks than anything of substance. Now, they are hawking the same identical pieces of jewelry on the new station and website. The prices don't seem all that low to me, but then I wasn't watching 24/7 to compare either.

No returns, all sales final, no resizing and it's the same people with the same merchandise. They are offering a "price match" program, however you have only 15 days to claim the difference.

Here is the new website address: if you're inclined to take a peek. Check out the FAQ's -- it's TJC...period. I watched, I looked, I'm disgusted, and I'm done! :4:
thanks for the info, very interesting - & not good!

i'm amazed they can get away with this, it all seems pretty blatant from what you've said. aren't there any consumer type watchdogs that you can complain to?

i would hope our agencies in the UK would be on them like a shot if they did this here, you can be sure there would be plenty of complaints made! :33:
just looked at the faqs ... what a laugh ...

What will happen to my account with The Jewelry Channel?
Nothing, it is business as usual. As of December 1, 2008, The Jewelry Channel USA began doing business as Liquidation Channel. All customer account information will remain the same.

Why did you change your name to Liquidation Channel?
The Jewelry Channel, USA has decided to take on a completely new business venture, and changing our name was a part of the process.
We will be The Jewelry Channel doing business as “Liquidation Channel”.

Will the auction format change?
No, everything will remain the same.

Can I still buy illiana and Rhapsody product?
Yes, as much as it is available.

worryingly though .....

Q. What is your return policy?
A. Liquidation Channel does not offer a return policy as we guarantee lowest prices on our products. All sales are final. Please see Terms and Conditions on website for details.
Thanks for the info starrygirl, and thanks, faerie, for highlighting about returns. I just hope they don't go the same way here :(

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