TJC 30/05 6pm


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Very strange - Marina was on then wrapped up quickly then cut to another newbie.
Certainly liked the 6pm male presenter - very likeable.
Who are these two on TJC now?
I don't recognize either of them.
I did think it was an Apprentice episode but it's the wrong time of year!
Yeah, they were 'The Apprentice' candidates. The 2 jewellery blokes (Live from Vegas promo or something) who came after them commented on them fairly favourably, saying "not a lot of talking over each other" and "that was 2 hours of another planet of non-jewellery TJC items".

I viewed via TJC YouTube stream went back to around 5-7pm. Before and after Marina, the 2 teams.

They were pretty good for first-timers, much better than the ones I recently saw on this year's Apprentice. Not too much overtalking, didn't shout manically, seemed to demo the products reasonably well, gave examples of use, not just price and functions, worked with, not against, each other when 2 on screen and not trying to outshine or out-do each other and picked the right sort of products, except perhaps an electric blanket which is not really the right time for the approaching spring/summer season.

Apart from the usual 'fantastic' and 'amazing' overused hyperbole, pretty good job.
The studio team didn't help by not cutting the audio feed of the first team while playing ad trailer inserts while they moved between items/sets, perhaps a deliberate tactic, but they coped and didn't say anything inappropriate. Good job overall.

The price drops, down to the actual final web site price, were no different to standard ridiculous TJC TV selling tactic.

The 3 girls better than the boy, who looked down nervously and misspoke a few times and added little to the Lavazza Alexa voice-enabled coffee pod machine he was trying to flog, kept reading the specs off box!

Wonder if Lord Sugar (hello Alan if you're reading this for the boardroom feedback critique like last year!) was tempted into buying the inflatable kayak for him and the missus... can just see them on Hanningfield reservoir or Thames at Tilbury, or pack it on the plane for use out in the Florida Keys this Summer!

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