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Jun 29, 2008
I thought I would post a few tips for QVC when it comes to recording items that QVC have returned.

1) Please make a record of the reason for the return as the customer has probably filled out this section on the returns form.

2) Don't add items that are returned due to being faulty or sent out used to the 50% returns rate list.

3) Maybe you could see your way clear to letting all QVC customers know what your return rate policy is, send out a letter clearly stating this fact.

4) Stop telling your presenters to say "use the 30mbg" or "get it home try it out then send it back". This clearly is not the case.

Well thats all I can think of for now.

Please feel free to add your own ideas, re returns, to the list.
limit the 30 day mbg to certain items.
clothes and shoes why would you want to wear them for 30 days..
food why do they sell food.
beauty is different but maybe they should give you testers to try out stuff...
Check, check and double check returns before returning items to be sent out again.

Follow up people who return items in an unacceptable condition.

Make sure people who return incomplete sets or even completely different items do not get a full refund without following up to see what has happened.
Process them a little faster and if the customer has asked for email confirmation then actually send them an email!!

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