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Jun 24, 2008
Just switched to Gems during my breaky and they seem to be doing timed auctions ala tjc! I don't know if this is a permanent change as I didn't hear an explanation, so maybe it's just for this hour.
Yes Tabs, I think you might be right. Maybe prices were just dropping too low with their no time-out policy. Mind you, in the few minutes that I was watching, quite a few items timed out. They are beginning to look a bit like a clone of tjc instead of the other way round!
I like the 3 minute thingy, at least they won't have to spend what seems like hours flogging one item! :eek:

I mean I've sometimes even been tempted to order something awful 'cos I've felt sorry for the presenter and want to see the next piece :eek: - didn't though, I'm not that daft! :D
well I agree TJC 2, a complete change to the way they have been marketing themselves. They didn't seem to sell that much last night either, poor Matt was really stuggling. IMO they have just lost the one thing that made me buy from them, non stop falling auctions. It was exciting oh gems what's happening.


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