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The thing is that they state the shelf life unopened is 24 months so you have about three weeks to use it by my calculations! Old stock again then šŸ˜”
I was about to post a similar thing.

You would think/hope that an expensive and supposedly ā€œprestigeā€ brand like Elemis would always send freshly manufactured products out to customers.

I tried their micellar water and the marine collagen SPF once. The micellar water stung my eyes and the marine collagen made my face go red. They may both have been old stock as they came in a mini set but who knows. Whether they sell new or old stock is no longer important to me because I wonā€™t buy any of the Elemis products again.
An ELEMIS product has a shelf life of 3 years unopened, and once opened 6 months apparently
If you turn over and look at the back of the product you will see that it is 12 months opened and their website states three years unopened.

I still think three years and it would be well off! Everybody else states 24 months.

Thatā€™s why I believe they sell old stock. Three years covers them nicely.

I certainly would not be using it at all šŸ˜•
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