Tignanello Handbags TSV 05/09


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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone familiar with this brand? I've received an email from QVC saying they are made from the softest of leathers and I just wondered if the quality compared with Radley for instance.
I had the email too BusyLizzie, I love soft Leather, hopefully someone will be along soon to let us know.
Oh thanks for that Mrs J........I feel I might just be in NEED of a new handbag just as long as the TSV isn't toooooooo blingy!! ;)
I've been so disappointed lately with the bags from QVC that I've decided not to order any anymore. I've just sent back two Charlie Lapson bags that for £171 & £184 each should have been better quality than a thin layer of bonded leather - nasty!
I wonder if this is the tsv? on QVC USA they say it's a best seller with over 100,000 sold and it has a purse with it. Item no. A1977 - introductory price at $69.84. It's leather but....................made in China
I've said it before and I'll say it again NOTHING compares to Jabbas precious Mulberrys :scared::scared::scared:

I had a sort-out of handbags yesterday and I counted 6 Mulberry handbags - one hasn't yet been used, and 2 have only been used once!!!! I love this brand - and yes, I only buy in the sales cos I'm not that mad!!!!!

(PS. the husband begs to differ - he's just checked his wardrobe and they're all propped up in their dustbags in place of his jumpers!)

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