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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
Received another haul today and again all gorgeous but the pearl necklace is broken. Have e-mailed tony to see if there are any replacements!

Here are the photos
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And one more. I am holing the pearl necklace to see how it would look! I think I am going to go for a replacement if they have more in stock!
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I hope you manage to get a replacement for your necklace - it's lovely on you :)

Can I also say, you have fantastic taste in rings - I got the same citrine and marcasite ones delivered today too :lol:

In fact, I took off the ring I had on this morning and put on the marcasite instead - it really sparkles - I love it :jump:
Lovely Haul hun, shame about the broken pearls as they look lovely. Hope you can get a replacement :)
Another wonderful selection BH. I hope you get a replacement for the pearls. I have one on the way and have seen Anne C's pics of her one on the old forum. It's a beauty.
Love the onyx pendant.
What a shame about the pearls BH, are they the same one Anne had that broke????
Lovely selection you have there BH.Glad you are getting another necklace,it's gorgeous!

The cushion cut solitaires are lovely aren't they,I have the pink topaz one....are you going for the collection?:D
I too have the pink topaz one - bought from coloured rocks months ago! What other gems do they do in this design? I might have to go for the lot :D

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