Thorntons Out, Lindt In


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Jun 24, 2008
thorntons choccies appear to have been dropped, a theres a new Lindt choccy show monday at 2pm.

i never really understood why QVC were bothering with thorntons when you can buy them in most supermarkets these days. Lindt is much nicer choclit too! :36:
I am really looking forward to the Lindt show - imo their chocolate is just brilliant and I prefer it to Thorntons - will also save me the cost of getting it sent from Switzerland!
You get it sent from Switzerland? I can get them in Sainsbury's! Are there special ones that you can only get from there?
ive seen the bars in the sooper, and those round balls that melt on your tongue like liquid velvet.. Mmmmmmmmm.... but not yer actual boxes of choclits... maybe i need to look harder!

Just looked to see what Lindt they have but nothing is showing in stock to peruse, Being British forces over here in Germany its everywhere over here. I have tried in vain to order Thorntons off QVC but for some odd reason they won't send it to us despite the fact they send everthing else.
I hit on the Thorntons website, brilliant, really quick delivery and at the moment they have several half price offers plus I got a free postage code off the web, can't wait for the parcel to arrive especially as its raining sideways and blowing a gale outside, that'll be it until April arghhhh.
Hi Miriam - there are certain selections and souvenir packages that aren't in the shops here and I have got them in the past when I've been over there on holiday and have ordered them direct from them for special birthdays and christmas presents.

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