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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!

This has been up in my bus to work the last couple of days. I thought there was finally a helpline for me and bargainhunter (and a few of you others) - disappointingly it's actually a crimestoppers campaign!

Well, it made me smile anyway!
:59::35::14::14:LOL Nice one PQ - dont tell me you whipped the poster rofl lol - I love it well spotted lol:4::D xx

(I know u didnt - great photo - is that on a phone?? - its a good one if it is)
That's so funny PQ!!! (Hope nobody shops any of us as we are all so blinged up ourselves now!!)
OMG, you mean we can get arrested for this now???? :11:
...I guess we all really have naffed our bank managers off THAT much!!! Lol!!!
oooo that's funny LOL we're all gonna get arrested now for nafting our bank managers ROFLMAO
Someone told me about this poster the other day and I thought they were joking!

Am I the only one to think it's a bit off? Just because somone's wearing lots of bling we're supposed to think they're criminals? Peeps who've bought lots of high-end stuff should go out wearing it all, hope they get arrested, then show them their Rocks invoices..!

With all the low-priced jewellery channels around (as well as Rocks), I think this campaign is a bit ridiculous! On a more serious note, I also think it's an infringement of liberty...
Very steriotypical, he doesn't seem to have much bling by our standards LOL. Wonder how many calls they have received??? very funny

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