This little beauty arrived today


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
:1:Hi all, Just decided to share this little beauty that arrived today! Lovely size SQ..over 4 carats for £35 including P&P!

Very nice imposing ring Tabs, I do like the round cut stone, it sounds a bargain for the price.
And it will match very well with the rest of your SQ collection.
In the past you set me off on the Golden / Yellow Beryl trail, perhaps I should now follow the SQ one as well. mysmilie_1436
That is nice, I like the way that the cut really lifts the colour of the smoky quartz.
Wow Twinny what a bargain! I saw a similar ring in a Trilliant Cut the other day but just turned the channel and saw it too late! Well done you it's lovely.
Lovely Tabs, must admit that photos just don't do justice to the lovely nuances of colour you get from SQ, think that's what may put people off who haven't seen it IRL, they think it's just a brown stone.

Great simple design.

What a gorgeous cut on that it,matey:1:

And I still hold you entirely responsible for my multiple SQ purchases,mrs!!!!:4:
Thanks all! SQ really has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate it imvho, i personally think its very under-rated and will allways be a welcome addition to my collection! I can personally recommend it but am not to be held resonsible for any upcoming addictions! lol....and MS need no encouragement at all!!

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