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Aug 28, 2008
Ok so i got the idea from 'things presenters say' but here goes.

ali young. buy this and use it whilst baking in the sun drinking a beer and lighting a fag, after all life is short enjoy it

dale franklin ahaaaa i'm alan partidge

anne dawson, you know what after all the limetree pies i can't be ar@ed, i'm of for a fag vodka and tonic, bit more easyog and will sleep it of under nn duvet

julie on a kim and co show. viewers if i'm honest this is vile nylon crap save your money, by the way if i did wear crimpolene i would go for large in this hideous ensemble
ali young on genie. literaly crap save your money girls

any presenter with a t caller. pi@@ off i am not interested in your flipping bunions
Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Dennis, your favourite animal abuser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jilly Halliday- "I got my ears pierced"

Ali Young- "I've bought a sunbed"

Amika- "I hate this make-up "

Julia Roberts - "I'm a size zero"

Ali Young....Jump to your TV remote and press the mute button then you can't hear my irritating nasally whine.

Julia Roberts..I'm wearing a large!

Charlie Brook..this is my last ever show,thankyou and goodnight.

Claire Sutton..Gollygoshycheekycuddleychops I really am annoying aren't I?

Jilly Halliday...anyone seen Gok?
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To be honest with you - they gave me one of these last week to try......

I can confirm that it is sh*te.
The nylon/crimplene mix of this material could set your crotch on fire so do be careful.
I find that the thrush I get from the chafing of these pants responds well to natural yoghurt.
These colour changing LED lights go all do I.
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I find that the thrush I get from the chafing of these pants responds well to natural yoghurt.

:D love it!

Queen bee Julia "These Jimmy Choo's are killing me!"

Sarah "Cough Cough! I think I have a dictionary lodged in my throat"!
"The price I keep quoting for you is totally meaningless because as you are FULLY aware I NEVER mention the P*SS Taking Postage"
Julia Roberts "can't you tell I've stopped doing the Pilates, or at least don't do it as religiously as I used to"..... oh, and mine is an xtra large.

sorry, feel very bitchy today!!!!!
Julia Roberts " I am NOT nor have I EVER been a size SMALL"

Charlie Brooke " I am going to take sooo long to open this little box that you will probably fall asleep"

Glen campbell "When I say 'story' I do of course mean completely 'make believe' and you shouldn't listen to any of it"

oooooh I'm enjoying this!

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