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Nov 16, 2008
Is there anybody else who is already bored with these clearance days? I mean, it is not like QVC is giving any real bargains just a tenner off here and there (or am I missing something?). I've even found myself channel hopping all the shopping channels rather than the dull Qvc clearance. Can't wait for them to get back to normal.
These clearance days bore me rigid it is mostly a load of old tat at inflated prices. It is the same in some of the high street stores they bring out stuff they have had for years you can actually smell the mustyness (is that a word?) when you walk in the shop. I am another one who doesn't watch as much these days.
I was thinking some of the reductions were more than usal but I did not have any great expections for this event so not disappointed. I have been with them since day 1.
I also find the clearance days very boring and rarely watch.
I didn't even buy any craft yesterday and that must be a first for me!
There is a £4.24 saving on something at the moment.:33:

I suppose if you want it at least there are easy payments which is more of a draw than the saving.
Everytime I switched on it was either Indigo Moon or Dennis Basso stuff.
There is a Centigrade Clearance hour later but I have got to go out, so I will miss it.
I have had it on in the background all day and to be honest it has been mostly INdigo Moon, not my taste at all.
Any time I have put QVC on today, it's indigo moon. Oversized Jackets and shirts with loads of embroidery. Not my style at all. I would normally be interested in their jewellery sale, but I'm not buying anything at the moment, I owe too much on cards.

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