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May 27, 2009
...anyone found any yet?

I know they are on on Sunday, but I will probably forget and I am curious to see what sort of price they are.
They don't look as good as the ones they have on I.W. now with the guy with blond curly hair, they look really well shaped. The ones in that clip look very wiggy.
Has anybody tried one of the wigs?, ive been tempted to buy one but im worried about it falling off, looking wonky, i have really short hair and am tempted to get one for my xmas nite out so i can have a bit of length, im too impatient to grow my own lol and its too short for extensions
I've not tried this range, but there's a shop in Edinburgh I have tried a few from and they are superb. As long as you have the cap on underneath, it shouldn't fall off, look wonky etc. I just hope on QVC they are going to sell the wigs with the caps and show you the correct way to put them on (ie, bend over holding the front of the wig at the front of your hairline and pull the wig over your head, stand up and re-arrange until you are happy with it) and how to adjust them so they fit properly.

Wigs are perfect for me as I am the very same, can't handle having long hair all the time but would like it for the odd night. I am also about to get mine chopped into a crop, so it will be way too short for extensions.
ooh thanks chrissie, may have to have a nosey on sunday, i didnt realise that they needed certain things to make sure they fit right eg the caps, how can u tell if they have them and are they expensive to buy seperately, sorry for so many questions x
Most places give you the caps with the wigs, have just had a nosey at the US site and couldn't see whether they come with caps or not, just mentions that if a wig cap is desired you can use one. I think you can get them from Ebay for a couple of quid including postage though, I do find they make all the difference, keeps your hair out of the way and keeps the wig in place.
I've bought loads of wigs and have always had to buy the caps separate. They are a couple of quid. If you live a city or town with a large black population you should be able to find a shop that sells black (west indian/african) hair care products, you'll find wig caps, wig shampoo (this allows the wig to keep its shape for longer than if you used normal shampoo) etc in there and wigs as well come to think of it.

The wig cap is recommended because the wig can cut your hair if you wear it constantly without covering your hair.
Chrissi, hope you don't mind me asking ... what is the shop in Edinburgh please? Thank you.
I noticed them appearing last night, but when I looked they only had 2 of them showing. I was expecting them to be a little cheaper than they are, but c'est la vie! At least they have the one I am pondering trying.

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