the jolly green giant and his 2-handled do lead


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it was a lovers double handled doggy lead so you could go walkies together with your chosen one and not fight over who holds the lead....quite tragic
here you go ;
I know about the lead - saw the Apprentice but don't know where the Jolly Green Giant fitted into it?? Am I really dense or not awake this morning...... (don't answer that if you want a gift for your farm later)
I saw this & thought it was all rather bizarre !!! The inventor was wearing a rather fetching green outfit !!!

Did he also say his dog had died last week ??

It was a bit surreal & I did think it was a joke at first !!

Oh I see - I didn't see it on the morning show - some of us have to work (like now (oops) for example) I only saw it on the apprentice last night. They didn't have the person in the green outfit so this is why it didn't make any sense to me. As I thought this is what you were talking about. Thanks for the step-by-step explanation Mrs. J.

Ruby Wax did say on the aftershow that she thought it was an elephants g-string...
It is funny how something that was looked upon on the Apprentice as being a very weird and basically stupid idea is now being sold on qvc - says it all really!!!!!
Well I suppose it does have its uses - at least the dog knows it's got both owners firmly attached, in case one was stupid enough to fall behind or wander off on its own & get lost or something?
Oh dear, whatever next?!? Would anyone seriously consider buying one of these lol!
Amazing! I really must stay in and watch much, much more tv. Sadly I missed Moira C last night too. Thanks to mrsjames for her vigilance. ;)
Now Simon did think it would be good for two children with one dog. Both could hold a handle each and walk the dog, no fighting who gets to hold the lead. That did sound sensible to me.

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