The Greatest Auction


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Lindsey Gundersen was one of the auctioneers on the Channel 4 programme ‘The Greatest Auction’ last night. AJ Odudu was the host.
Lindsay has mentioned numerous times that she is an Auctioneer by trade. Must try and find it in catch up.
Several of the bidders on there are ones that have been on other sorts of reality shows and seem just to want to be on for the limelight.
Yes, I’ve seen several on other auction type shows and last night’s show had the Pimlico Plumber bidding. Lindsey sold Saddam Hussain’s alleged fork and a sort of fairground/ WW2 USA training aeroplane in Episode 2.
Lindsey back on this week’s show selling a Leeds City v Man Utd football programme from way back when, original cost 1 penny. Beginning to get fed up of the same bidders back each week. Some of them have been on TV shows like Four Rooms - Andrew Lamberty, Jeff Salmon, Pearl Lowe…
Yes l have seen several of them in different shows, Charlie Mullins for one who had so much plastic surgery he looks daft now at 70, sold his plumbing company for £149 million and seems to crave being on telly programmes.

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