The Grande Suck-up


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Lola Rose

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Jun 25, 2008
I'm sorry, I just have to say I am watch Lulu and Julia and it's one big suck up.

I don't normally complain but I literally feels sick.

Jullia: Oooo, I hear your becoming a grandma?

Lulu: (laughs)

Julia: (screams) Ooo, am I not allowed to say?

Lulu: It's ok...laughs

Julia: Viewers, don't forget Lulu is 60!


Julia: Have you brought out your memoir?


Lulu: I don't want to look 20 years younger, I want to look good for my age.

Julia: You don't look good.

Lulu: Agrees, expecting bad response..

Julia: You look FANTASTIC.


Julia: Elton John organised your 60th

So what! If I wasn't there it wasn't a party (only joking)

I am SICK of name dropping. SICK OF IT!
lola rose when you said the grand suck up i thought you were talking about her lips lol
I expect JR wanted to be her new best friend to try and get some invites to celeb parties. I suppose Lulu is a step up from Simon Wilson and the star struck old bint is always desperate to be noticed. :YAWN: :pPC:
I cannot believe that Lulu has the gall or guts to come on live television extolling the virtues of time bomb, when we all know her appearance is down to surgery and botox, and she knows we know.
Do QVC think we are totally stupid? Having said that, listening to some of the t-callers, they may not be far wrong!:nod:
Thought the OP was talking about Lulu Guinness - was just about to say Julia isn't as nauseating with her as Catherine Huntley is - she makes me sick! :mad:
i caught a bit of Lulu with Franks this afternoon. Lulu is THE biggest fake on QVC and thats truly saying something.

its quite interesting to think back to what you have actually seen Lulu doing in the media recently (in the last 10 years). she constantly goes on about recording this, and LA that, and Elton the other - but she hasnt been on mainstream TV since she did that terrible eurovision talent show.

Before that it was on Take That's "relight my fire" record (10 years ago)

and before that it was as Adrian Mole's mum on telly (briefly)

Lulu is D list, and that's being generous.
What's her claim to fame?!!! Sorry, I'll SHOUT that...............:thinking2:

Well, apart from the obvious, I suppose it was her marriage to the late Maurice Gibb and then John Frieda.

Other than that, it's Botox, Botox and more Botox.................:tongue2:
I didn't watch this particular show, but I do always prefer the more cheeky "mickey taking" kind of banter to the fawning as a rule. It's just more fun isn't it?
Caught the end of this show last night !, I said to my OH that Lulu was telling everyone she just uses her products to look good !.....he replied whos Lulu ?, he had nor realised it was her, as she has changed so much :thinking2:
she can't be hiding the fact she is going to be a granny as she is plastered over the front of this fortnights Yours magazine about it.
Lets face it at 60 she could even be a great granny.
I watched the show with Lulu & JF and the last I saw was JF's tootsies disappearing :giggle::giggle::giggle: as the sucking up reached epic proportions. Didn't watch her with JR. Have to say I found it highly amusing that celebs try to sell us the miracle cream/lotion/potion so we can stay looking as young as they do. I don't mind that they've went for the botox/implants/surgery etc. Good luck to them and if I could afford it, I'd be doing the same :envy:but please don't try to flog the miracle cures to me. Not even on EP's would I be tempted and if I'm going to be contributing to anyone's face surgery/treatment, it'll be mine:cool2:

I saw Lulu live a few years ago, an amazing voice:song:
I saw her about 10 years ago in Harrods bedding department and she looked rough. :pPC:
she can't be hiding the fact she is going to be a granny as she is plastered over the front of this fortnights Yours magazine about it.
Lets face it at 60 she could even be a great granny.

Exactly! I am - became a great-gran at 61.........don't feel like one though.....:giggle::giggle:
She was in the paper recently (as was Twiggy) with no makeup on/honey lights etc and she more than looked her age. I'm sorry but I think it should be a trading standards issue that she's flogging her stuff knowing full well that it's the surgery that has kept her looking 'good'. Personally I think she looks more unnatural every time she's on.

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