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Jul 9, 2008
Hi I am new to this forum but wondered if someone could help me.
I am tempted to purchase the Craft Room embossing system, but would like to hear from anyone who already has one before I invest in it.
What are the good and bad features of it? Is it worth the money?
How easy to use is it?
I don't have one but I do know that it has had rave reviews in the USA and won an award at the big trade show.
I reckon it's wickedly expensive for what you get. The basic workstation (£40) does some fairly useful things, but if you want to make boxes & envelopes you need to spend another £28. If you want a cutting mat that actually fits it, it's another £10. There are many other items on the market that do at least as good a job. (The Crafter's Companion Ultimate, for example, is £40 but you can make your various shaped cards, plus envelopes and boxes with it. There used to be a thread in the old forum and I'm pretty sure it didn't rate all that highly.
Hi - Yes I am the same craftaholic. Can't seem to work out how to post messages on the other forum, so though I would try this one.
Thanks for your reply

Hi craftaholic, posting over there is just the same as here, just slightly different categories - anyway no one rates it highly as Chess said, cheap and nasty but expensive seems to sum it up.

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