the background "christmas" music


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Aug 2, 2009
Is it just me but is the Christmas style music that they keep playing seems a little reminiscent of the the music in "Psycho". Not the shower slashing bit obviously (!!) but the bit when she has taken the money and is driving in the direction of Bates Motel.
I haven't heard the christmas music as I haven't been watching much today but I find all qvc's background music offensive and unnecessary
I hate that tune - it is so annoying and IMO not a suitable choice.
Keep trying to remember where i have heard it before - for some reason i think it has been played on The Apprentice?
i'm ready to slit my wrists at that electric guitar version of "deck the halls" already and we're not even through november yet.
It reminds me of the music they play on the weather channel in Miami Beach at Christmas. It brings back memories for me so I quite like it!!!!!
I can just about deal with the music in between the presentations but I hate it when they do the product review over the music. I would really hate that if I was a presenter. Don't care much for the Christmas promos this year either, still they may be trying to save money.

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