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Aug 31, 2008
Prestwich manchester
did anyone try to buy the coffee beans on the 1st of October?
Well, unfortunately I did and this story unfolded-
They took the money and I tracked the order on their web site -all seemed to be OK untill almost two weeks later when the order was deleted and no beans arrived!

I was fuming by this time and rang the "amazing" customer services who claimed to be totally mystified by the disappearing beans and offered a refund and a new order- well, here we go again! they took the money and I watched the web site in anticipation-then it happened all over again the beans disappeared! and yours truly was out of pocket, yet again.

I rang them of course and complained as strongly as I dared but there's no offer of compensation from IW for keeping my cash twice over and no explanation and no refund for the phone calls.

So never again IW! but did anyone else get these beans? please tell me
No i didn't order them but...they can't do that! They can't keep your money! Stupid greedy company
At the end of this thread you will find the CEO's email. Emailing him direct seems to be the only way anything is sorted out and the more people who contact him direct the more he may look at his shower of a company (unlikely I know).

I don't know how they keep going. I had one run in with them and have never ordered again. They upset my mother and lost her orders. It's just lucky that there is so little they have on offer that I want to buy.
joyla, I am a bit confused... are you saying you placed the order twice, paid twice, received nothing AND they still have your money for the two orders?

I'm confused too, surely you wouldn't pay a second time, unless you mean they refunded you the first? Or didnt take a second payment and reordered on the first?
That's what happens when you employ Jack, no money, no beans, just a load a stalk. xxxx
I suggest that you contact the ASA and tell them what happend to you. You can also go to their website report IW behaviour and make a complaint (just fill in the form)
The ASA will investigate
IW can't take your money and supply with zero.
If IW have got any sense, they will deal with this asap
Also check with your bank to make sure that they have not put the money back and not told you!
In the interest of fairness Im must mention that Ideal World did contact me as soon as joyla posted, I have emailed and PM'd joyla but have not yet received a reply.

If you are reading this joyla could you check your email and PM's :)
I have to thank you all for the very funny replies my "Bean " episode, I thought it would bring out some witty responses!
Just to let you know, IW have finally refunded both orders in full but no still no explanation!
Hi Joyla,
I am very please that you have your money back. It's very like IW to just refund your money without an explanation. I had an expereince a few years ago, they took money for a ring and that didn't turn up. When I called I was fobbed off with delivery excuses until I said that I was reporting IW to my local trading standards office. My money was refunded very quickly.
Perhaps they do read these threads!

Kind regards
and finally:clapping:So happy to report that IW have today replaced the coffee bean order at their expense!

The chief executive of Customer Services personally organised this as a gesture of their goodwill and as a sign that there really is a fantastic improvement underway- thanks I'm sure to their working with Graham to resolve some of the issues that many of us have expressed through this great forum.

Cheers Graham!
I don't shop at all with IW now, due to the lack of customer service skills of the operators. My mum orders with C+C, and has had negative experiences. It's just a matter of time. methinks, before this below par shopping channel goes under.

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