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Dec 17, 2008
For any that don't know, if you order between 7 and 8 in the morning, you are supposed to get a little freebie something "while stocks last". I ordered a pendant yesterday at 7.45 and was told that the freebie had "sold out". No probs, I had already mentally designated the freebie to my neighbour's daughter, so not a big deal in any event. I was a tiny bit irritated in that I think they should have a freebie for every piece they put up for sale, but they don't so tough.

However, this morning I was having a mooch around the clearance section only to find the relevant freebie in the clearance section - so much for "sold out". Needless to say, yet another cancelled order. Such a small thing (cost of pendant £6+ and not even particularly wanted by me), but a matter of principle to me. Sold out I could deal with, but to then find it for sale "na-na-na-na no" xxxxxxx
well i gave in recently having abstained for nearly 6months i managed to get some earrings to complete a set .Blackdiamond,champagne and white diamonds.I checked out before the 8am cut off so was supposed to have a free set of 3 tone coloured earrings ,my order came and they are a keeper very pretty ...nooo freebie!
But on going through my emails there was one to say "sorry" they werenot in delivery and have been sent out to arrive next week,daughter willbepleased as she liked them...

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