That's it-no more lol,


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Jun 24, 2008
I see what you mean about slippery slope, I won the multi gem ring and the amythyst bracelet the other day, then yesterday I won the black agate and marcasite ring that I loved, but I think the need to get value for p and p made me bid on a I think it's a topaz ring which I won for a £1:18:, SO THAT IS IT, I'm not watching for a while now!
It's the only way Angie, otherwise it's far too tempting!!! I really, really, really, don't need any more bling, but I see so many lovely things, and at a great price, and I think 'why not?' I'm not really watching at the moment, desperately trying to be good until after Christmas!!!!:laugh:

If we chant it often enough to convince ourselves .... nah wont work ,the only way i dont buy is if OH takes the laptop !!and thats more than hes brave enough to do ! i say its keeping me off the streets and outta the shops[though times are getting hard ..... might have to !!!] but all in a good cause a girls gotta have somewhere to go to show off her bling!!
took the words out of my mouth...

Oh LOL, LOL!!! The times I've said that! :8:

I used to say it when I watched Gems tv, but since I got dragged kicking and screaming into Rocks (via this forum I must tell you...), it's got worse...

I think - right, I've got all the ones I like off here, that's it - then something comes up I'd forgotten about...or something new...

:51: Oh save me...

I'm just grateful I'm not into diamonds that's all! All my pieces are under £25 -but there are quite a few of them...(I took pics but didn't turn out too well - will do some more...)
Not a cheapskate - it's a matter of knowing what your budget will allow! I never seem to be around when items go for £1! Did get a ring the other day for £4 though, and a pendant for £2...My most expensive thing was a blue topaz/marcasite ring under the old upward auction system at £24 (I'd requested it, so thought I ought to have it...Next night, it went for £8...:10: I still love it, but...)
I'd be frightened of being mugged if I wore the expensive stuff lol, I was really gobsmacked when the lock in dropped to a £1, you can't even buy a costume ring for a £1, lol.

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