Thanks Steve! lol


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Jun 25, 2008
south coast of the uk
thanks steve for making my day! I just bagged a peridot mini hegdhog ring for £5 lol horray for the finger slipping and knocking to much off the price! lol :60::60::60::60::60:
well done chick :1:

I wish I hadn't tuned in all day :D have spent a fortune, ALL bargains I might add but more than I intended to buy, kidded myself they are all for xmas pressies :D :D whats the guessing when they come on Thursday i've got all the earrings in and all the necklaces on? :D

Had to check my basket out twice lol as there was too much for once hahahahahah

One thing I am DELIGHTED about though is a multi gem ring, the one BH got that I really loved, have got that coming and thats a pressie for me, it was dirt cheap too but I absolutely love it :D
I Have that multi gem ring Darls and it is lovely. When I bid on it ( in the 'old' days), it was such a good price and no one else seemed interested so I thought, what the heck, it's too good to miss. I was so surprised when it arrived 'cos it is gorgeous....and so sparkly, too.

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