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Dec 17, 2008
Having heard from a Rockster of my recent "visitor", Katherine very kindly sent me this little cheer-up giftie

The picture does it no credit really as the "chain" is made up of little twisted bars and diamond shapes that twinkle like mad. Extremely pretty. Such a kind and thoughtful gift. I think I can safely say such consideration for customers wouldn't come from any of the "dark side".

Thank you so much Katherine and Rocks (a card will be winging its way to you shortly). xxxxx
Argey, in my experience, Katherine is just the sweetest soul..... not to mention being very efficient...... not at all surprised she has sent you this lovely gift. Very pretty style, isn't it? That girl has great taste, too!!
maybe the other channels ought to take note on CS from Rocks unlike Bid up who i had to threaten to take to court to get anything done well done Katherine you are a credit to the shopping channels CS
Katherine's kindness does not surprise me - she's a wonderfully thoughtful soul and a pleasure to know. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phonecall from her on my birthday and it was lovely of her to take the time to do so.

Argey I hope you get lots of enjoyment from your surprise gift - get those fairy lights on your wheels, deck yourself out in bling and shine in style!
Argey, what a lovely surprise, and Katherine, you're are soooo sweet. This is why we keep on (and on, and on, and on ;)) coming back to Rocks.TV
Awww that's lovely argey!

Katherine is indeed a treasure. I love the family atmosphere of Rocks, their CS is second to none and the stuff they sell ain't bad either :happy: .... that's why I haven't bought anything from Gems for over a year and bought far too much from Rocks.

Enjoy wearing your pretty necklace.
It's so pretty Argey! What a thoughtful gesture from Katherine (excellent taste too!) Enjoy wearing it.xx
first Ann Summers :D

I already get a ton of gifties from AS on a regular basis MrsJ, though in their case it's not a friendly gesture so much as to keep me comin' - err I'll rephrase that - to keep their best customer. xx
Argey that is so sweet of Katherine, she is indeed a real Star!!!
Do enjoy wearing your necklace it looks stunning!

Mirabelle xxx
Oh how lovely of Katherine to do that and well done Argey for sharing that with us and giving Katherine and Rocks the credit they so deserve.

Having become a definate Rockstv addict I too cannot sing their praises too highly! :clapping:

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