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Dec 17, 2008
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to come and thank everyone who sent me pressies and their good wishes during my latest rebuilding.

Thank you so much to all of you who clubbed together for me to have a treat from Rocks. I haven't yet decided which, but very likely will choose a special ring, and am waiting for something that will remind me of you all and your kindnesses to me and my family.

Thank you to Myra for her constant flow of beautifully hand-made cards, and to Paupy for the super colourful flowers. Many thanks too to Alupha for the sweet little angel worry box. This is attracting much interest from my mini-visitors and is currently by the side of my bed where I can keep an eye on it. Tiny fingers are just dying to investigate further :51:

The card of well wishes was absolutely fantastic - more like a book really. I'm sure none of you will mind if I make special mention to Jan(theNan) for her hard work in collating and designing it, to Mira(belle) for taking on babysitting duties and Mira, Paupy and Ally fo their personal support of my daughter.

The various goodies arrived on Monday and I don't mind confessing that I was feeling a bit down and whingey before it all arrived, I guess the "been at home a few days, but still bedbound" blues were setting in. However, the timing being so excellent it cheered me up no end, and I haven't whinged since (well not much :55:)

I am just going to touch a little on my current building works for those who have expressed an interest, so anybody not wanting the medics please just skip the rest.

I have had to have the halo replaced, and this carries a little of the unknown about it as it is not usual for halos to be in place for more than a few months due to possible skull damage and infection from the pins. In addition to this, another vertebrae has collapsed onto the spinal column causing further neurological problems. I have sensation back in my legs after some small surgery but am still unable to walk. To deal with this I have been fitted with what the docs lightly describe as a vest, :33: which is in fact more like a very tight tortoise shell. It is constructed of some inflexible plastic material and the halo attached to this by way of a brace across the shoulders. All in all I feel a bit like I'm in my coffin already - but I ain't goin' nowhere yet.

Grandchildren and great grandchildren find all this highly amusing. Granny is now their own personal playground. If you can imagine a female version of a buddha-like figure encased in scaffolding with little kinds swinging and dangling from the metal work, then you've got the picture :29:.

It is expected that I should be able to regain most of my former mobility. Even though that is just transferring myself from chair to chair and to get around the bungalow a little, just with the aid of crutches and armbraces, it makes no end of difference to my independence. I shall then be able to return to just a couple of hours in the morning with my personal carer - who, having been with me for a couple of years, is also now a great personal friend.

Sorry about the medical stuff, but some of you have shown an interest so I have taken the opportunity to write and explain it here. The long term prognosis is an unknown as due to the RA the situation can only worsen, but at what rate no-one knows. Ne'emind life is short and still very sweet.

Once again, huge thanks to all of you for your contributions to my welfareand for uplifting my spirits. I hope this letter doesn't sound too much like I have had a sense of humour bypass, but I can assure you all that normal service will be resumed as of now.

With much love and regard
:1: It was my pleasure to be able to do something constructive for my fellow bling buddy!

I was always happy to hear news everyday from your daughter Sam...she's a credit to you Maggie!.:60: to you both

It was fantastic news that you are now back in your own home and recouperating.

Delighted also that the surprise cheered you up immensley...as this was our aim achieved

Lots of love,
Take Care of yourself.

Mirabelle xxx:40:
So glad you are home now and all the best on your recovery , i think this is a smashing forum for us all ,in all walks of life and situations that life throw at us its nice to know that help and friendship can be found in all kinds of ways ,i must admit i was nervous to join "cyber space " ..and wondered what i would get from it, but im so glad i did ,i think the friendship we have all found is second to none and its a comfort to know that there is someone at the end of the keyboard for us all.
All the best and glad you like your well wish card and gifts and welldone to all involved "pat on back" xxxxxxxScorpio
Am very glad you like it Argey :60: Very happy that it can cheer u up :59:
And so so happy that u are regaining footage with daily life :7:

All the best,
So glad you are on the mend,and that you are keeping your sense of humour. We were really all so worried when we got the news about you. I always think the unexpected is so nice, a handmade card, a sincere wish from people means so much. Jan the Nan is a lovely person and I think she did a great job as did the others. I saw the card on MSN as Jan and I chat on there quite often. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2009 will be a great year for you and that you recover very quickly.
Angie xxxx :ANYWORD:
Glad you are home Argey and on the mend
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Have a great christmas and a fab new year xxx
Glad you're home and recovering. I wish you all the best over the festive period and hope that 2009 sees you going from strength to strength. Take care and keep that wicked sense of humour to the fore - love reading your chat on rocks.

Glad you are back home Argey and feeling a little better.
I have also had spine operations, to date going into my forth shortley.
I love your sense of humour and hope I can keep mine when the going gets tough.
Simply thanks...

WOW..why use 2 words (thanks all) when you can write a book....:51:

Lovely post..so pleased that you liked the gifts etc!!

Much Love Paups..xxx
Argey so glad you're back with us.

Argey I'm so glad youre home safe. Hope you get stronger abd better every day. Glad we managed to cheer you up as that was our intention, hope you manage to find a lovely lump of bling soon.
Hope you and yours have a lovely christmas and a happy healthy new year.

Lots of love to you and yours hun. xxxxxxx
Okay Sarcy Pants Paups Esq. I guess you are still a trifle miffed 'cos you missed Haydn t'other nite. Hope it wasn't too bothersome for you having to find your dictionary and thesaurus, in order to help you read my letter :57:
Argey it's great to see you back as sharp as ever on your keyboard. I hope your physical recovery is going as well.
You're quite an inspiration with your iron will to keep going despite what's been thrown at you, and I wish you all the best.
Take care,
I'm so happy to hear you are home safe and that all the well wishes cheered you up. Can't wait to see what fabulous bling you will buy. Keep safe and well and have a merry christmas.

Wibbly xxxx
Glad to hear you're back home and in the land of the blinging again Argey!!!

Nice to hear your home ,and you sound like you have a very loving family to look after you .Keep smiling and enjoy all you have you are quite an inspiration for your attitude to all thats happened a case of count your blessings and not dwell on lifes unfairness love to you and hope you go from strength to strength
:7:Lovely to see you getting back in the swing of things Maggie. I missed you!
Chat was far too clean when you were away!

Do you need any help in choosing what to buy? I will quite gladly proof wear things for you, (would be terrible if I 'lost' them wouldn't it?).

Love H xxxxxx

(Is nowhere safe from you, P-less?:57:)
well done Argy, hope you keep improving bit by bit,makes us all feel rather humble ,im sure!
will think twice about moaning of aches+ pains in future.

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